How to cite this particular piece of software?

1. Does the software tell you how to cite it?

  • If yes, then do so following their guidelines and you are done!
  • If no, then continue to question 2
  • If you don't know:
    • Check for a file name CITATION or similar in the root directory of the software.
    • Check the README for the software, their website, and any output from running it.
    • Search the web for citation instructions: "How to cite 'software name'?".
    • Check download page.
    • Email the authors, open an issue in their issue tracker, or ask on a user support forum. While waiting for a response continue to question 2.

2. Is there a DOI for the software itself?

  • If yes, then use to get a citation.
  • If not, or if you don't know, continue to question 3.

3. Is there a software paper and does it have a link to the software?

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